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Amazon Policies And Agreements

F-8.1 For multi-channel Fulfillment Units, we have no other customer service obligations than to draw your attention to the contact you provide and provide a reasonable amount of information about the status of your products if you request it and if and to the extent that we have the requested information. You ensure that all of your policies and messages to your customers regarding the shipment of your products and other compliance issues reflect our policies and requirements, including shipping methods, returns and customer service; and you`ll be visible on your site (s), in emails, or in other media or communications to display all the specific disclosures, messages, messages and policies we need. You can allow developers to access partner APIs and API materials only through apis that we document and communicate in accordance with API specifications applicable to business partners. You may not allow any other party to use confidential information, partner APIs and API documents: a) reverse engineering, decompilation or decomplexation of this information; (b) modify or create derivative works, in whole or in part; c) distribute copies; (d) remove all property or labelings; (e) to use public software in a manner that, under the license of this public software, requires that confidential information, business partner APIs and API hardware be disclosed, licensed, distributed or made available to all; (f) resale, rental, rental, transfer, sublicensing or other assignment of rights; (g) access to these charges or exceeding usage restrictions or quotas, or their use, in a way that is intended to avoid charges or overshoots of use restrictions or quotas; (h) use them for purposes that have nothing to do with your use of the services; or (i) to use them for fraudulent or illegal activities or activities that are contrary to our guidelines or otherwise harmful to us or to third parties. Section 11 data usage restrictions apply to any information you provide or receive through the direct or indirect use of partner APIs. In addition, we may require you to pay additional amounts to ensure the performance of your obligations under this Agreement or to reduce the risk of return, rebooking, claims, litigation, breaches of our terms and conditions or policy or other risks to Amazon or third parties. These amounts may be repaid or not repaid in the manner we have determined, and failure to comply with the terms of this agreement, including all program guidelines, may result in their forfeiture. “Amazon refund rules” refer to refund and refund policies posted on Amazon`s website. If we discover that your actions or benefits may result in returns, rebookings, claims, litigation, violations of our terms and conditions or any other policy or other risks to Amazon or third parties, we may, at our sole discretion, refuse to pay as long as we find that all risks this entails to Amazon or third parties remain. For any amount we owe, we can charge (a) your credit card or any other means of payment that you provide us; (b) any money you must pay us (in refund or other means), with payments we can make to you or money we owe you; (c) to charge you the amounts due to us, in which case you will pay the amounts charged after receipt; (d) cancel all credits in your bank account; or (e) recover payment or refund of you by other legitimate means.

If we discover that your account has been used to conduct fraudulent, fraudulent or illegal activities or to repeatedly violate our program policies, we may, at our sole discretion, refuse to pay you permanently.


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55