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Amo Gas Tax Agreement

AMO manages the Fund for all Municipalities in Ontario, with the exception of the City of Toronto, in accordance with the Federal Gas Tax Fund Management Agreement – a multilateral agreement between Canada, Ontario, the City of Toronto and the AMO. Municipal financing agreements govern AMO`s partnership with each municipality. For more information, visit our agreements page. Under the federal Gas Tax Fund agreement, provinces and territories are responsible for reporting to the federal government on projects funded and benefits achieved. The report on the results of environmental projects is known as part of the federal gas tax agreement. What has changed is that municipalities must demonstrate the results of projects that support national objectives of increasing productivity and economic growth, as well as strengthening cities and municipalities. Municipalities must also have an asset management plan covering all categories of infrastructure eligible for the gas tax by the end of the year. This webinar has been designed for municipal treasurers, who are AMO`s main interlocutors for all gas tax-related applications, but would be useful for all those involved in financing the federal gas tax in your municipality. It will be particularly useful for financial and engineering staff in small and medium-sized municipalities facing capacity problems.

Canadian municipalities receive more than $2 billion annually from the federal Gas Tax Fund; Ontario municipalities receive more than $800 million. Funds are allocated on a per capita basis to municipalities across the province. On our website with the allocations, you will find your community`s share in the fund. The federal Gas Tax Fund (FTF) is a permanent source of funding, which is provided twice a year in advance to provinces and territories, which in turn is disbursed to their municipalities to support local infrastructure priorities. Municipalities can pool, finance and borrow, which provides considerable financial flexibility. The Federal Gas Tax Fund is a permanent source of federal funding for local infrastructure. Funds are made available to municipalities twice a year in advance and can be strategically invested in 17 project categories to achieve local priorities. Municipalities can also pool, finance banking operations and borrow against these funds. Local authorities face countless challenges in service delivery. And while some challenges affect all Ontarians, others are local. Municipalities with declining populations should maintain a stable infrastructure pool, with a declining tax base; Fast-growing municipalities are expected to build new infrastructure to meet growing demand. Prior to AMO, he worked for a consulting firm to develop 20 municipal asset management plans in Ontario, in accordance with provincial guidelines.

Sal has a Master`s degree in Economics from the University of Waterloo and a Master`s degree in Macroeconomic and Financial Policy from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. AMO prepares annual reports describing the investments of the Federal Gas Tax Fund. Each consists of two parts: the first groups together municipal investments, while the second contains financial information, audit reports and other detailed information. . . .


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