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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement Commonwealth Bank

A regular automatic debit plan allows you to predict future cash flows with more security. With direct debit, you can debit regular and recurring payments from your customers by paying mass deposits directly into your bank account. To apply, you need CommBiz and a relationship manager. Standardized models for sampling documentation help minimize confusion and chaos. View the terms and conditions for business and savings accounts, CommBiz, debit products, direct loans and our financial services guide, and consider them before making a decision on these products. This advice has been established regardless of your goals, financial situation or needs. Before you respond to the Council, please think about what is right for you. A fee and bank fee may be charged. Arrange regular automated payments for the same amount or vary the amount per billing period based on your requirements. You can apply for CommBiz online by filling out the application form online.

Choose the express or custom recording mode based on your business needs. You need a CommBiz account to be able to use Direct Credit. Suitable for bill eaters who receive regular or permanent payments from their customers. You are responsible for payments to ensure that you are paid on time each time. Full electronic coverage means you`re much easier to reconcile customer payments.


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55