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Edehzhie Establishment Agreement

The campaign for Edehzh`e protection lasts nearly three decades. In 2010, the Dehcho First Nations and T-ch government jointly called for the creation of Edehzhée as a national wildlife zone. A signing ceremony for the agreement was scheduled for September 28. This week, however, the Dehcho First Nations were informed Catherine McKenna, the federal Environment Minister, had to postpone the event. An important part of the foundation of Edehzhée is the extension of Dehcho K`etodi. The Dehcho K`ejodi Stewardship Program is a regional management program. Dehcho K`ejodi means “maintaining Dehcho” in the language of Dehcho Dene. The acquisition of this use programme in the protected area is an essential element of the Edehzh settlement agreement and an essential element in the management of indigenous protected areas. The guards will be responsible for much of the monitoring and management of Edehzhée. The Dehcho K`etodi will conduct shore-to-shore administration activities, including patrols, research projects and youth management activities in the indigenous protected area. The local guardians of Dene will be the eyes and ears of Edehzhée.

In addition to Dene`s laws and values, their work is guided by a management plan drawn up by the Edehzhé Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be made up of representatives from First Nations and Canada`s. environment and climate change and will make its decisions by mutual agreement. Funding for the development and management of the indigenous reserve in the early years is provided by the Canadian Wildlife Fund. In budget 2018, $500 million was invested to create a US$1 billion nature fund in partnership with businesses, non-profit, provincial, territorial and other partners. The federal government has delayed the signing of an agreement that transforms part of the Dehcho into a national nature zone. Work to finalize the upcoming agreement began in 2016 and the area became a protected area under the Dehcho Act at this year`s annual meeting. “Edehzhe is an important cultural and ecological territory, and the work of promoting the Edehzhée National Wildlife Area is an important part of the image of land management for the Dehcho region.

This unique protected area, managed by Denurnen, aims to preserve not only the biodiversity of the region, but also the rich cultural traditions of those who call this country the homeland. I am very pleased that GNWT and DFN are focusing on completing a Dehcho land use plan. A comprehensive picture of shared land management throughout the Dehcho region will help communities and people in the region build a stronger and more diverse regional economy. The Dehcho First Nations and the federal government have signed a document recognizing Canada`s first indigenous reserve – Edehzhée – in the NWT dehcho. While the Bundeskronenland is public property, there is no general public right of access to the federal Crown. While waiting for a management plan, we advise edehzhée visitors. “Unfortunately, she had to delay her trip until later this fall to help with the unexpected work of the government.” Edehzhée is an important hunting ground, but also a spiritual meeting place for Dehcho and Ticha Dene. Gambling was still plentiful in times of scarcity in the Mackenzie Valley. There are extensive harvesting areas, cultural sites and traditional hiking trails throughout the IPCA. Edehzhée contains unique terrestrial ecosystems, including three ecoregions: Environment and Climate Change Canada – North Region Canadian Wildlife Service Protected Areas und Stewardship Unit Western Arctic Unit P.O. Box 2310 5019 52nd St, 4th Floor Yellowknife NT X1A 2P7 Note: If there is a discrepancy between the information presented on this site and all notes published on the NWA website , communication predominates legally. Edehzhée has great ecological and cultural importance for the municipalities of Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Behchokǫ̀, Jean Marie River, Whata and Wrigley.


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