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Gatt Agreement On Customs Valuation

However, Article 11 does not prevent a Member State from requiring full payment of the imposed fees before filing a complaint. b) For the purposes of this article, the transaction value of identical goods is used to determine the customs value at a sale at the same commercial stage and in the same quantity as the goods to be assessed. If none of these sales are found, the transaction value of identical goods sold at a different commercial stage and/or at different quantities is adjusted to account for differences in trade and/or quantity, provided that these adjustments can be made on the basis of proven evidence that clearly demonstrates the relevance and accuracy of the correction, whether or not the adjustment results in an increase or impairment. 1. When determining the customs value covered by Article 1, the price actually paid or payable for imported goods is added up: to provide this information and advice on all matters relating to the assessment of goods imported for customs purposes, as may be required of a member or committee. This information and advice may take the form of advice, comments or explanations; examine the specific technical problems that arise in the day-to-day management of the members` customs assessment system and issue opinions on appropriate solutions, based on the facts presented; For importers, estimating the value of a product in customs poses problems that can be as serious as the actual tariff calculated. The WTO Customs Assessment Agreement aims to establish a fair, uniform and neutral system for assessing goods for customs purposes, one that is consistent with commercial reality and prohibits the use of arbitrary or fictitious customs values. The Customs Assessment Committee of the Goods Council (CGT) conducts customs assessment work within the WTO. The full text of the agreement is available on the WTO website. More information on the agreement and its application is also available on the WTO website in the Trade Topics category. Articles 1 to 7 set out the terms and conditions for determining the customs value of imported goods in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Evaluation methods are defined in a sequential order of application. The main method of customs assessment is defined in Article 1 and imported goods are assessed in accordance with the provisions of this article, if the conditions set out in it are met.

2. Where the customs value cannot be determined in accordance with Article 1, there should normally be a consultation procedure between the customs administration and the importer in order to obtain a value base in accordance with Articles 2 or 3. The importer.B may have information on the customs value of identical or similar imported goods that are not immediately available to the customs administration of the import port.


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