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Infidelity Prenuptial Agreement

The good news is that an infidelity clause can sometimes be effective simply because a cheating husband does not want evidence of his affair to be broadcast in a public courtroom and therefore does not call into question the prenup. “In my experience, most people aren`t ready to raise this defense,” says Kelly Chang Rickert, a los Angeles lawyer. “For example, if you have a clause in your prenupe that fraudsters have to pay a certain amount, the scammer is probably not going to question that. This is especially true for high-level divorces, where hush-hush is the norm. Moreover, most people (for moral and ethical reasons) are not willing to question what they have already signed. With clear information, the protection of your legal rights, the explanation of your available options and informed decision-making power, we will work towards your goals. If infidelity results in the dissolution of a marriage, assets protected by an irrevocable receivership structure remain secure. Yes, it can be included as a lifestyle clause with other activities and provisions that are generally not taken into account when considering marital agreements. There may be good reasons to include an infidelity clause in your agreement. What for? Because an infidelity clause in a marriage pact gives you the ability to set your own rules as a couple and perhaps even survive your state`s divorce laws. Although unusual, infidelity clauses are not unheard of, they are often by a future spouse who loves their partner (future wives ask for these more than husbands), but who knows or suspects a history of fraud, or who has been the victim of a fraudulent spouse.

“My advice to clients is generally that infidelity clauses may not be applicable, but they may deter a spouse who would otherwise be unfaithful,” says divorce lawyer Jennifer A. Brandt of Philadelphia. “The most important thing is that, like the financial aspects of a marriage and post-post-incense. Agreement, the idea of an infidelity clause obliges the parties to discuss this subject and their expectations regarding the behaviour of the other party. With an infidelity clause, not only does the person requesting the clause highlight their feelings about possible infidelities, but the mere proposal of this clause can force couples to communicate about what they want about their relationship, how they deal with each other and how they communicate their feelings.


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