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Los Angeles Sick Leave Collective Bargaining Agreement

The decree of the municipal council exempts only first aid from the benefit of paid sick leave. The Mayor`s Public Order contains the following broader list of derogations: in particular, the qualifying events listed above are slightly different from the FFCRA. In addition, according to the FFCRA, certain qualifying events for paid sick leave must be paid at two-thirds of the worker`s standard rate, subject to the ceilings in force. Regulation LA contains the same salary limits, but does not provide for a reduced rate of pay for the above qualifying events and does not extend the federal tax credits and refunds available to employers under the FFCRA. Employers may continue to maintain other paid leave directives, such as leave, sickness, floating holidays, personal days or other paid leisure (PTO) and meet the requirements of the Regulation if such directives meet or exceed the provision requirements set out in the Regulation and allow workers to use the leave for the same purpose and under the same conditions as paid sick leave in accordance with the Regulation. In addition, accumulated and unused sick leave should be carried forward to the next year of employment. However, employers can limit the transfer to 72 hours, but they can also choose not to have a cap or set a higher cap. Current employees will be entitled to this additional period of illness as of July 1, 2016. Employees who, after July 1, 2016, from the date of hiring, paid sick periods will be accumulated in accordance with the regulations, but, as provided by California law, they cannot use the period of illness until the 90th day of employment.

The regulation does not explicitly provide in a collective agreement for the waiver of minimum wage and sickness requirements, but would only allow an exemption if, otherwise, the paid exemption provided for in the union contract complies with the minimum standards laid down. Some not-for-profit organizations may request an exemption from the provisions of the regulations, including minimum wage and sick leave provisions. The regulation follows the First Coronavirus Liability Act (FFCRA) adopted by the Confederation, which also provides for two weeks of paid leave for eligible workers, but only covers employers with fewer than 500 employees. (We`ve already shared employers` commitments under the Family`s First Coronavirus Liability Act here.) By covering employers with more than 500 workers in the city or 2,000 overall, the regulation fills a void left by the FFCRA and, together, these laws require almost all employers in the city to provide some form of additional paid sick leave. Existing paid sick leave laws in Los Angeles have already exceeded california state legal mandates by providing double the minimum allowance under state law. Under the current Los Angeles City Paid Sick Leave Executive Order, employers were already required to provide workers with at least 48 hours (six days) of paid sick leave or one hour per thirty hours of work. Any business or organization that has been closed or absent for a period of 14 days or more due to a municipal officer`s emergency order due to the COVID-19 pandemic or that has granted at least 14 days off. California law requires employers to be put on sick leave if those employees have worked at least 30 days within one year of starting their employment.

For example, if an employee started working on February 1, 2020 and worked at least 30 days on April 30, 2020, they are back on paid sick leave. The regulation provides that employers may provide a total of 48 hours of sick leave, or the employer may use a credit method. Like state law, the regulation provides that employees receive no less than one hour of sickness paid for per 30 hours of work (including overtime) in the city of Los Angeles. For employers who use the period delineation method, employers can apply a 72-hour provisioning limit, although no provision limit is required. . . .


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