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Nec Agriculture Collective Bargaining Agreement

3. In the event that a provision of this Agreement, before or after the registration of this Agreement, does not give effect or do not give effect to the powers of the Parties or to the law or provisions adopted in that regard, this shall not affect the remainder of the Agreement which, in that case, constitutes the Agreement. 2. The Council may delegate its obligations or powers within the meaning of this Agreement to such persons as it deems appropriate. It is hereby indicated that the collective agreement established in the list, which replaces the contract in Legislative Decree 323 of 1993, has been registered in accordance with section 79 of the Labour Act [chapter 28:01]:- 6. Compensation shall be paid in accordance with the agreement in force. 26.(1) Every employer shall issue a copy of the agreement and of any amendment made in a place that is easily accessible to each worker. 2. No one may, without legitimate reason, return a copy of the agreement, unless the employer, in the exercise of his obligations under paragraph 1, on the instructions of the employer referred to in paragraph 1, refers to the criminal law.

2. Any provision of this Agreement shall create a right or obligation, as the case may be, independently of the existence of other provisions, and no employer or worker may waive such right or obligation. However, nothing in this document prevents an employer from granting its employees a right greater than that provided for in this agreement. 3. The Council may, at any time, amend or dismiss a deliberative committee or the executive committees or committees designated by the Council under this Agreement. The provisions of this agreement replace all the provisions of the agreement published in Statutory 323 of 1993. 3. `agricultural industry` means the sector in which employers and workers are linked to the industrial production of crops, including forestry, livestock, poultry, fish and their products, and includes the further processing of agricultural products on the employer`s land where those animals or crops are produced, or on the property of other agricultural employers; horticulture, beekeeping honey, crocodile farming, shrimp, wild farming, lumbering, saw milling and kapenta; 4.

Each employer and every worker shall provide the representatives of the Council with all such assistance as may be necessary for investigations which the Council generally considers necessary for the implementation of this Agreement, in particular in determining whether or not the provisions of this Agreement are being complied with. 5. A worker shall not be required to work on the day of his leave, except in the case of emergency work and if the conditions and deficiencies referred to in Article 5(8) of this Agreement are applicable, but no worker shall be required to work on his days off for successive weeks. . . .


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55