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Publisher Illustrator Agreement

Where can I find your list of recommended independent editors and illustrators? Professional children`s book illustrators devote many hours of work to creating even the simplest consideration of illustrations. A drawing may seem simple and quick, because it seems to be only a few simple lines and colors, but I can almost guarantee that the illustrator who created this very simple drawing has spent many hours: the same goes for the whole project. You wouldn`t ask your hairdresser to give you a haircut on bacon and pay only if you like the style. Never offer an illustrator to illustrate your book, because “it will be a great exhibition for you and your work” or for the promise of royalties when the book is published. We are currently working for many hours on your project, and we also have bills to pay. If you submit to a traditional publishing house, it is by writing a few notes of art on your manuscript that you can communicate the most about art. If you are looking for a traditional publication, use art notes only if they are absolutely important to the publisher, art director, illustrator, etc., to understand what is going on in the text. Do not include style questions, unnecessary information or what is obvious. For example, you may find that if you work with an illustrator, you need to revise your text. An experienced illustrator may indicate that the text is too long, descriptions that can be cut because the illustrations do the job, or deeper problems like an error in the narrative arc or something else. Remember that publishing is primarily a business, and the goal of a publishing house is to sell as many copies of a book as possible (and if you publish it yourself, that`s probably also your goal). A traditional publisher chooses an illustrator whose work and style best complement your text.

As an author, you usually have no power over this decision or what goes into the images, nor will you be in contact with the illustrator during the process. Just trust and keep hanging. Most authors are delighted with the final product. The illustrator is usually credited on the cover page and copyright page of the book for e-books, printed books and all book derivatives. Thing #3: Choose an illustrator who offers you a contract with payment deadlines and delivery items. Illustrators, don`t work with a client without a contract. It protects both of you. If you are an author who intends to publish on a traditional publishing house, which means that someone pays you to write the book, the publishing house will find an illustrator, so do not keep reading… However, if you publish the book yourself and your drawing skills are not enough, keep reading about how to find an illustrator and work with them to create a beautiful children`s book.

However, if you publish yourself, you will need to find an illustrator and, most likely, a book creator. I`m not going to look at the potential swamp that is the world of self-publishing in this post, nor will I study the gaps or potential benefits of such a pathway. A good illustrator doesn`t just drop a few lines and add a little color to create an exuberant puppy or a sad elephant, or a credible child character, they blow their life and emotions through many attempts. This is the overall agreement between the parties, and the same can only be changed by a letter executed by the parties. Thank you, Jimmy. I just need to design something by myself… (It`s a picture book I`m working on. I offered royalties to the illustrator, but they wanted payment in advance – they can`t really blame, the self-published of your kind is as risky as it is.) However, I would like to encourage you to buy a professional children`s book illustrator rather than opting for a publishing service that offers generic digital illustrations.


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55