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Robot Rental Agreement

Ready Robotics Corp is another player in the domestic robot rental market. It charges customers a monthly fee for a robotic arm equipped with a mobile base that can be placed anywhere in a facility. Ready Robotics customers range from small machine shops to large manufacturers like Black & Decker. Founded in 1992, RobotWorx is part of SCOTT Technology Ltd., a centuries-old New Zealand company specializing in automated production, robotics and process machines. RobotWorx joined the SCOTT family in 2014 and recently completed a rigorous audit process to become a RIA certified robot integrator. One manufacturer that has benefited from the robot rental is Tenere Inc., a contract manufacturer specializing in sheet metal manufacturing and plastic molding. The company uses collaborative robots at its sheet metal factory in Dresser, WI. The machines are used in Tenere`s assembly and press department. “Robot rental will follow a similar path to the forklift market over the past 20 years,” says Bush, a mechanical engineer who was previously director of operations at Scott Fetzer Electrical Group, a small engine manufacturer who was a former user of collaborative robotic technology. “Rental is also often done with CNC machine tools and construction machinery.” Big automakers, such as Tier One auto suppliers, don`t need to invest capital in a program that might not last long enough to justify investing in additional robots,” Bush says. “And they can now justify automating production lines that can support products that are at the end of a multi-year automotive platform.” Although it is autonomous, the robot`s functionality depends largely on the conditions set by its maintenance staff. It is possible to damage or lose the robot through human negligence. In order to reduce the risk of financial damage, both on the part of the owner or tenant and the company that uses these services, it is advisable to take out robotic insurance.

Hirebotic invoices per second. Producers only pay if actual production takes place. Unlike humans, robots don`t stop at lunch or take breaks. RobotWorx goes beyond robots as the main business model for all major brands. The company cleans and paints robots and robotic systems, but also goes beyond with a complete overhaul and replaces non-compliant components. The warranty comes with exactly the same one-year part and work warranty that is offered when purchasing a new product. Photo Credits: RobotWorx You also rent entire robotic cells ready to be shipped for welding or material handling. The most popular systems are the RWZero (pictured) and RW950 cells.

But renting a robot can also be beneficial for production in large quantities and small runs. research and development; Proof of Concepts; and staff training. Rental programs are based on short-term weekly or monthly payments. “Once you have five or six months` rent, it`s no longer in the customer`s favor to keep renting,” Fischer says. “You`re looking at buying or leasing here to get the most out of the system.” If a store decides to keep the robot at that time, RobotWorx offers a 20% rental price that can be charged on the purchase of that robot, he adds. “Robot rentals will be much more common in the future,” predicts Matt Bush, co-founder of Hirebotics Inc., who pioneered the concept two years ago.


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