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Sheldon Cooper Relationship Agreement Template

But taking care of the person you love — and making sure they know it`s expected — is definitely a good step for every couple. Sheldon of course got Amy to sign a relationship agreement on The Big Bang Theory, but what clauses are useful? Sheldon changes his material, but if something happens to his job, Amy would have to take care of him financially until he finds another job. If Sheldon or Amy refuse to take care of the other person, Sheldon has the right to terminate the contract and therefore the relationship. The ambitious idea of setting the boundaries of relationships gains popularity when another couple tries to solve problems in their relationship, they ask Sheldon to write them a relationship agreement tailored to their needs. The resulting document prohibits Leonard Hofstadter from playing video games in his underwear and prevents his wife Penny from saying that things are “correct” if they are not. The full relationship agreement allows for certain cosmetic operations, since it says that “each party should not undergo cosmetic surgery unless it should look like a Klingon.” What`s visibly funny – it`s an allusion to Sheldon`s hatred for change and love for Star Trek.


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55