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Standard Rental Agreement Iraq

Or via the website of the Iraqi NCCI 4 23rd assignment and sublease. The tenant may not sublet or assign his shares of this rental agreement without the written agreement of the lessor. one. If permission is granted, the tenant may assign his shares in this lease, provided that the tenant remains personally responsible for the performance of his obligations under this rental agreement for the remainder of the initial term, as well as all extensions, extensions and renewals made by the tenant and the lessor before such an assignment. b. The consent of the owner must not be unreasonably withheld. 24. If the lease is terminated in accordance with the terms of the rental contract, the lessor shall reimburse the lessee for the deposit and the prepaid rent at the time of the damage or destruction, less an amount that will then be due to the lessee. If, under this lease, the lessor is required to repair and rebuild the premises, the rental period shall be extended by a period corresponding to the appropriate period for the completion of the repair and reconstruction.

25. Tenant`s Delay. one. The property can be withdrawn at the expense and on behalf of the tenant and stored in a public warehouse or elsewhere. Storage is carried out for a maximum period of thirty (30) days. At the end of the 30-day period, the lessor reserves the right to dispose of this property if this is deemed necessary. b. If the owner opts for a new entry, this rental agreement is deemed terminated; however, provided that the lessor is entitled to the amount of the damage provided for by law in relation to the lessee, namely the difference between the rent of the balance of the duration of the rental contract after the date of re-entry and the amount of rent that the lessor receives during that period from a subsequent tenant of the premises. c.

In this case, the owner is not obliged to transfer the premises again. 26. If the lessor terminates this lease at any time within the scope of the lessor`s express rights under this lease agreement due to an infringement, the lessor may recover from the lessee, in addition to any other recourse it may have, all damages resulting from the infringement, including the costs of restoring the premises. . . .


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