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Tenancy Agreement Suomeksi

A fixed-term lease expires on the specified date. The agreement is binding on the parties for the agreed duration. A fixed-term contract cannot be terminated as it sees fit, but it may be terminated in accordance with the following reasons for resignation. A fixed-term lease cannot be terminated during its validity. This applies to both the tenant and the landlord. If you know in advance that you only need the apartment for a fixed period, a fixed-term lease is a good alternative. The notification of termination must be written down and verifiable. The notice indicates the reasons for termination and the period of termination of the contract if the resignation is to come into effect later than immediately after the other party receives the declaration of resignation. A tenancy agreement valid until further notice (toistaiseksi voimassa oleva vuokrasopimus) ends only when the tenant or landlord declares it. If you do not know in advance how long you will stay in the apartment, this type of agreement is a good alternative. As soon as the lease expires, a final check is carried out in the apartment. The landlord will reimburse you for the entire deposit if the rents are usually paid once a month.

The rent must be paid by the due date. The due date is indicated in the lease agreement. Pay the rent as a bank transfer to the owner`s bank account. You can`t pay the rent by credit card. If the termination of the tenancy agreement is considered a violation of good business practices, the court may order the lessor to pay damages to the tenant, for example. B for the loss of customers, if the subsequent tenant has begun to carry out similar activities in the premises. However, this is unusual in the case of business-to-business agreements. A lease agreement valid until further notice expires at the end of the notice period following a termination since. The parties are free to agree on the notice. In the absence of an agreement, the notice is one month if the termination is issued by the tenant and three months if the termination is issued by the lessor. The calculation of the notice period begins from the last date of the calendar month in which the termination was made, unless there is an agreement to the contrary or provided by law.

Before entering into a sublease or temporary transfer, please consult the Rental Housing Act for more information. Temporary or sub-tenant tenants must follow the general POAS rules and regulations that you will find in the POAS client manual. A fixed-term lease cannot be terminated during its validity. Under rental means that a tenant rents part of the apartment to another person. The tenant has the right to do so if it does not cause significant damage to the actual owner of the apartment. When planning the sublease, make sure that the primary client has the right to take over the subtenants. You are also considered a subtenant if you have rented only part of an apartment and the owner himself lives in the same apartment. Pay the rental deposit to the landlord until the date agreed in the rental agreement. As a general rule, you will receive the keys to the apartment once you have paid the deposit for the rent. You can sublet up to half of your apartment for an indefinite period.


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