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University Of Melbourne Enterprise Agreement 2019

“The best estimate is that it would mean that between 200 and 300 jobs would not have to be lost at university,” Professor Maskell told employees who will vote next week on a proposal to amend their enterprise agreement. The program, implemented between July 2013 and February 2015, included a comprehensive review of the university`s administration, which management considered “ineffective.” More than 500 directors were laid off and many more had to reapply, often with lower salaries. Over the past decade, the university has spent nearly $2 billion on new buildings. High rankings have attracted a flood of international tuition fees, but the university has made sure to invest in buildings rather than staff. Branch President Steve Adams says the union has hebuffed a management push for separate agreements for academic and professional staff and stopped “the removal of academic freedom from the agreement, (management has long argued the university explicitly protects free speech). At The University of Western Sydney, the union entered into a pay reduction agreement with management, again without a member mandate. An hour earlier, a branch meeting was convened before a copy of the agreement was given to members. The industry voted for it. The desired result was achieved, so that no consultation of the members was carried out. An online push survey on the agreement was submitted to members to give a vine leaf to the agreement. On Tuesday, June 2, members of La Trobe NTEU saw the details of the agreement and were informed by the Victorian office that they would be questioned less than 48 hours later, from Thursday to Saturday. Although the NTEU and other unions were right to deplore the government`s request for a vote to amend the enterprise agreement from seven days to 24 hours, these standards did not apply in the la Trobe union polls. Margaret Simons, who was head of the Centre for the Promotion of Journalism at the University at the time of the reforms, and who has since joined Monash University, remembers that she should spend every month programming every day for the Centre: “I`m an associate professor, and I`m basically collecting time-based data.” The EU and the management of the University of Melbourne have reached an agreement on the working conditions of a new enterprise agreement, including a pay rise for compromises.

A pamphlet on campus highlights the issue of the remuneration of the university`s many casual academics. Staff covered by the agreement received the pay increase last month, but are being asked to waive the increase until May 2021. In its draft contract, the university proposed that supplements for all middle-level administrators be conditional on the officer receiving an “exceptional” rating – the highest possible – during its annual performance review.


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