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Which Is The Best Example Of A Rhetorical Device Subject Antecedent Agreement

53. Oblique language: (also known as bridge stacking) evidence, words or phrases whose connotations favour a particular bias of the fighter and which distort the opposition. 109. Hysteron Proteron (“earlier”): reversal of the natural sequence of events often designed to highlight the event considered, albeit later in time, as the most important: put on your shoes and socks! 87. Apophasis (also called praeteritio or occupatio) affirms or emphasizes something in passing, ignore or deny the tip. This device has both legitimate and illegitimate uses. It is legitimate for a writer to use it to draw attention to sensitive or incendiary facts or statements, when he is apparently disconnected from them: we will not address the budget deficit here, or how programs like the one we envisioned almost led us to bankruptcy, because other reasons are quite obvious. . With an area five times larger than Spain and an average depth of 1400 m (making it a relatively small sea), its waters circle the coasts of 18 countries and continuously receive urban and industrial waste from more than 150 million people. If we look at the waste generated by the 100 million tourists who visit their coasts each summer – a figure that could double over the next 25 years – it is clear that these waters are irrevocably doomed to channel sewage. A rhetorical apparatus is any language that helps an author or locoteur achieve a specific goal (usually conviction, because rhetoric is generally defined as the art of conviction). But “rhetorical apparatus” is an extremely broad term and can include techniques of generating emotions, beauty and spiritual significance, as well as the power of persuasion.

110. Litotes, a particular form of under-reporting, is born by denying the opposite or opposite of the word that would otherwise be used. Depending on the tone and context of the use, litotes either retains the effect of under-reporting or becomes an exaserating expression. Compare the difference between these statements:Heat waves are common in summer. Heat waves are not uncommon in summer. This famous quote, like many of Shakespeare`s lines, rhyme and meter, uses the two most basic rhetorical apparatuses in the verses. Although not all poems rhyme or meter, most classical poems do, and these rhetorical devices were probably important to help poets memorize their works and sing them in front of the public. 79. Unity: the quality of an effective essay or paragraph in which all parties refer to the central idea and to the other. 99. The epithet is an adjective or adjective that properly describes a subject (Noun) by quoting a key or an important characteristic of the subject, as in “laughing happiness,” “mocking contempt,” “quiet sleep,” “peaceful dawn” and “water that gives life.” Sometimes a metaphorical nickname is good to use, such as in “rotten street,” “tired landscape,” “smiling billboards,” “anxious apple.” Adequacy and efficiency are the most important considerations in the choice of nicknames. Be fresh, look for flashy images, pay attention to the connoted value.

A nickname transmitted is an adjective that changes a no bite that does not change it normally, but which, figuratively added to the word, makes sense: I finally heard a torn noise and a quagmire of thieves and murderers. . –George Herbert 120. Prolepsis: the anticipation, in adjectives or substants, of the result of the effect of a verb; also positioning a relative clause before its predecessor:Consider the lilies of the field as they develop.


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