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Zebra End User License Agreement

The software is made available to the user “as we will see” without any guarantee, explicit or tacit. This includes, but is not limited to, any guarantee of market, utility and adequacy to a specific purpose. The author does not guarantee that the software`s features meet personal requirements, that it is 100% error-free, or that software bugs will be fixed in the future. The user bears all the risk of using the software and does not in any way assume the responsibility of the author for the damage caused by its use or misuse, including (but not limited to) a misinterpretation of the documentation or functionality of the software. NOTE: The demo software is a free trial version of the software. Maybe not the full functionality of the full version. The software is provided “as expected” and Zebra does not offer any support for the demo version. The software in demo mode is made available exclusively to demonstrate the features of the software program, so that you will be able to evaluate whether you want to purchase a full license of the software. This demo-mode software is available to you as a end-user in accordance with this C.A.C. The evaluation period for your use is limited to ninety (90) days from the date you receive the demo software (“assessment period”). The CLUE is automatically completed at the end of the evaluation period and you must destroy or delete your copy of the software on that date. Zebra can cancel this CLA at any time by sending you a notification, and you can cancel that license at any time by destroying or deleting your copy of the software. 4.

MACHINE DATA. “machine data,” usage data collected by software or equipment sold (or licensed) under the CAU, such as battery management (empty time); Sleep flow, medium current), device system time, processor processing load, time of use, free memory, number of processes in progress, network information (name, identifier), device identifier, firmware version, hardware version device type, audio volume, LED state, beeper volume, backlight level, key light, kilometer meter, restart, restart site, total memory and storage , number of cycles and availability of devices. Notwithstanding all other properties and property rights of zebra on and on machine data in this Board, all property and property rights are held by Zebra. In this case, and to the extent that the licensee is considered to be the property of the machine`s data, the licensee grants Zebra a limited, irrevocable and non-exclusive right and a license to use the machine`s data. 11. TERMINATION. This CLUE is effective until the end. The licensee`s rights under this CLUE are automatically extinguished without notifying The Zebra if the licensee does not comply with any of the conditions of this CLU. Zebra can terminate this BLU by offering the taker a replacement agreement for the software or for any new version of the software and by conditioning the taker the continued use of the software or such a new version by accepting such a replacement agreement by the taker. At the end of this ECJ, the licensee must cease all use of the Software and destroy all or part of the software`s copies. Software products provided as a demonstration with limited use and functionality. These can be downloaded at any time.

Once a demoware product is allowed, it is treated as a restriction or a subscription. 13. Third-party applications. Some third-party applications may be included in this software or downloaded with this software. Zebra does not provide any information about these applications. With Zebra having no control over these applications, the licensee acknowledges and accepts that Zebra is not responsible for these applications. The taker expressly acknowledges and accepts that the use of third-party applications is done solely at the risk of the taker and that any risk of unsatisfactory quality, performance, precision and effort rests with the licensee.


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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa +41 33 828 28 55